Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Haynes is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach with a true gift for helping people unleash their true potential. A ministry student, cantorial soloist, speaker, performer, entrepreneur, and author, Kimberly creates sacred healing space that gives people the safety to uncover profound insights & truths that sets them on a path to freedom. Her warmth, presence, and intuitive coaching enables her to shepherd clients to new levels of inner peace, joy, and success.

Kimberly helps women and men, from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom are ready to make significant and lasting change. A long time practitioner of mindfulness, meditation, and body awareness practices, Kimberly is an exceptionally qualified guide to anyone seeking to reconnect with their life purpose.

Through her insight and ability to ask powerful questions – coupled with her extensive training and experience – she helps people meet their lives with greater mastery.

Kimberly launched and operates a successfull music career, Music Medicine Woman, and founded The Yoga of Voice & Vibration. She brings her entrepreneurial knowledge & experience, PR acumen, and real-world practical advice to help her clients acheive remarkeable results.

The Jewish concepts of Tikkun Olam, healing the world, and Tikkun Ha Nefesh, healing the spirit, are central to Kimberly’s mission.

Kimberly believes that as each of us reaches our full potential, we are healing the world.


Kimberly’s background:

Kimberly has worked at my side for the past fifteen years leading, serving, and attending to life cycle events for our Ahavat Torah Congregation. Her deeply devotional commitment to raising the vibration of our community has greatly enriched and elevated us. May she provide each of you with the healing and love she provides all of us.

Rabbi Miriam Hamrell

Ahavat Torah Congration, Los Angeles


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